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Hi, I'm Toni! I'm a 21 year old photographer and equine enthusiast from North Central Victoria. I'm basically a jack of all trades, but my real passion is capturing the beauty and grace of horses (and their human partners) in fine art imagery. 

I grew up on a Paint and Quarter Horse stud, which is where my original love for rodeo - and buckskin horses - stemmed. In 2013 I caught my very first plane, and then three more, by myself at the age of 15 to travel to the US for 6 months to compete in South Dakota. I share my current equine venture with my extremely wonderful and supportive partner/photography assistant, Joe. Together we aim to breed quality Western performance horses with the added bonus of the Champagne gene and its hundreds of quirky freckles! 

My horses are the love of my life (sorry Joe) and our collective total currently sits at 6 beautiful souls. Scroll down to meet them! 

I drink an exuberant amount of tea, and have been obsessed with Yowies ever since they brought them back (the best decision ever made). I have an irrational fear of carrots, sloths, feet and eyedrops, which I am constantly being laughed at for! I laugh at stupid jokes and am extremely injury prone. Most of all, I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Why I became a photographer

I have been a creative individual for as long as I could remember. Naturally my muse has always been horses - mostly my own. I have been very lucky enough to have some truly amazing horses in my short life already, and I look forward to having many more. At a young age, I was always out in the paddock with a pencil and some paper, sketching away. The majority of my teenage years were then spent pursuing my art on a professional level, as an equine and pet commission artist. In my later artist years, I began taking my own reference photos of clients horses, sparking the beginning of my love for photography. 

There was just something about capturing a horse's true character and essence in a forever keepsake and seeing the owners reaction that I was drawn to. So, I put down the pencils and picked up the camera permanently. I began as an Equine Event Photographer, however witnessing so many beautiful people sharing the same bond I have with my own horses has made me venture towards fine art imagery and capturing that exact bond. 

I am an all or nothing, "no point doing something if you're not going to do it right" type of person. This means I am 100%, all in to tell your story, and your horse's story. Throughout our photographic journey together I  will be your be your best friend, your cheer leader, your creative director, your biggest fan and your emotional support. I believe in creating lasting relationships that you will be able to reflect on every time you look at your images. 

Human Resources Manager

Moose is our new Human Resources manger here at Beauty and the Huntress. We guarantee that after only a couple of minutes with him, you'll be the happiest you've been in a long time!


Nickname: Zarhlee

Specs: Chestnut Overo 2013 Paint Horse mare 

Discipline: Currently being broken in 


Personality: She’s the Queen. Everything must be on time, and on her terms otherwise she’ll sulk in a corner and not even look at you 

Favourite treat: Treats are beneath her

Dislikes: When attention is given to other horses - she'll bully them for hours afterwards

Quirks: None to date, she’s too prim and proper 

Human Version: Margory Tyrrell (Game of Thrones)

If she could talk: “My dinner is to be served at 5pm SHARP! You’re late by 3 minutes and 26 seconds. I’m not talking to you for the rest fo the night, don’t be late to breakfast!”

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